Rise & Shine

The more things there are to do, the more organized and efficient I’m forced to become.

Today I woke up at 630, made the salads til 830, freezed them for an hour and a half and showered while waiting. Got to my short morning meeting just before handing out the salads. Did 2 hours of readings, rushed home and showered/changed in 15 minutes… (breathes).. and got picked up for Jared’s brother, Lenny’s, Monash grad ceremony!

Lenny was really sweet and bought his grandma and I high tea since we were pretty early. I ate enough for it to be high tea, dinner and supper put together. Im a barbarian i swear. Couldn’t really walk properly after that hahaha. And, 3 hours later… I’m at home and just finished the salad i prepared for lenny but forgot to pass to him. Sigh. All my sec school gym girls are to blame for grooming me into the barbarian I am today. Lish, hello panda?

Tri-factor this sunday! I’ll bring a camera and take pictures of the event:) Quite excited about it. Just doing the mini though, shall work towards the sprint distance next!

Oh yes if I’m lucky… I might be in the new Mac’s ad that’ll be shooting after the tri! It’s a huge ‘might’ though, so wish me luck ok if i get it it will fund my ingredient costs for the next month :D

Kay then, just a short update today. Too sleepy to continue.

More salads tomorrow!!!


Joce the Salad Tosser


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