Quick Update


Its 815pm on a friday night and i’m in the library :( I guess I can try to convince myself that I’m less of a nerd by looking around and finding a lot of people around me. But no matter, deep down I know I’m a nerd at heart anyway.

:B <— nerd face.

I have 45 minutes before Jared calls me so I thought I’d update a little about my future plans for Sal Happy to keep all you in the loop :)

For school email readers, you’d have read that Screme is moving out at the end of this sem. The email asked interested people to go down for the info talk, so I went, just to find out a little more about the start up costs and requirements. Initially I had no plans of setting up a physical place, but now I’m considering submitting a proposal…

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Somehow all my ideas come to me when I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep. The lessened sleep has caused me to come up with quite a few nice ideas :)

Just to fill you guys in about the situation, SMU is a business school through and through. I must say that they are doing an excellent job encouraging entrepreneurship. Rent for Screme is… amazing.

There isn’t any.

Yeah, but before we go :O, submit proposal, now!!!!, we realize there’s the compulsory $300 for electricity, air con etc and a super crazy high not-affordable-by-joce-standards start up cost too. Actually, it’s a very attractive offer, but as a student, anything that runs into the thousands makes me go hmmmmmmmmm.

Right now I’m making a nice small profit that is satisfactory for me as a undergrad, but my parents never fail to remind me that I’m profitable because they are my delivery angels. It’s true, I think I could forget about making decent profits if I had to get to school on my own again. Then of course with a physical cafe comes salary expense for the chef if I hire one, employee cost, furniture installations…

Suppose I get super lucky and manage to get the lease for Screme, would that be better than delivering straight from home? I need to think about this seriously, because I’m going to take Sal Happy very very seriously! Haha, I’m planning to either take the sem off next sem, or take just 2 or 3 modules so I can focus on really building Sal Happy up. I don’t think I can imagine myself going into corporate work for the rest of my life…

Dilemma, dilemma.

A cafe will be so fun :( But then again, I trust Liz, one of the owners of Treehouse, when she says its very hard work.

Proposal’s due 1st November.

Hurry please brain decide quick :(

Sigh, what say you guys?

Still in the library at 8.51,

Joce the Salad Tosser


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