Helloooooo Freedom


Sorry for the hiatus. I have returned to update cos exams finished yesterday :)

To celebrate the end of exams i went for a nice long 8kish run. i know it sounds a bit warped to celebrate like that but the over sitting in the library made me feel like a blob that was slowly melting into my butt.


I dont even think that description made sense. but anyway, it sort of felt like that.

Ran with ze and ash and discovered a very nice route to jog through. its the route where you run along the singapore river and pass the flyer. the river is really pretty and you get to see all the lights!! prof winston koh ran past us but we didnt say hi cos we werent entirely sure it was him.. and even if it was, it would be slightly awkward to say hi. hes really fit though. i always see him in the gym/at tris/running.

Other than the run, i have totally and absolutely been indulging in the feeling of post exams.

Stayed over at a friend’s, watched a movie, came home in the morning and just spent 3 and a half hours shopping online and putting alot of new items into my shopping bag :))) after spending all that time shopping online, i spent another hour + flipping through my december issue of herworld which made me see even more things i like and want to physically go shopping. there are so so many pretty things floating around during christmas!!!! I shall not let consumerism overwhelm me i shall not let consumerism overwhelm me. bad bad bad. stop stop stop. I shall go to town.. and just look at lights.

Okay wait, look at these first.

Calypso heels by Christian Louboutin. How pretty right :(

I love everything about them except the fact that they are absolutely unaffordable. sigh. why do all the prettiest things have to be so expensive. stupid branding :( if christian louboutin ever wanted a sal happy… i would price it at $1000. with no extra chicken. let him know how it feels.

Hah okay. anyway. I will be flying off to brisbane for the bestfriend’s graduation. flying off on sunday. will take alot of pictures and show you her scary cat:)

Hes pretty cute here though.

In the meantime… i realized i still have alot of things to settle here in the 5 weeks of holidays. and i need to research more on how to get a food license :\ oh yes, the screme results for shortlisted candidates arent out yet! help me cross your fingers!

Kay then, off to do a little packing and meet jared for dinner. update again soon!

<3 :),

Joce the Salad Tosser


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