Greetings from Brissy

Hello! Hi from brisbane :) am here for my bestfriends grad, shes graduating on the 8th. but til that happy day, its more happy days of shopping and fun! We’re heading up to gold coast tomorrow :D too lazy to upload the photos from my cam so heres one from facebook of us having korean.

Can you tell how happy she is to see me?

It doesnt really look like it here, but we look quite alike in person after all the years of bestfriendship. just that shes white and im black. haha

Just got back from home cooked spaghetti at her friends place. that was yummy. we made peach custard tarts to bring over which were yummy too. and i was wrong, her cat is so cute in person. or in catson, whatever. show you all a nice picture of him soon!

K, im off to bed then. Nighties!


Joce the Salad Tosser


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