Get Fit Today!

Hello all,

Just wondering, would you guys be interested if track started a “Get Slim, Get Fit” program? We had a meeting yesterday and were trying to come up with ways to increase exposure about what we really do at track.

Before you say NO!?, I thought I’d share on how I ended up in Track so non trackers would feel less intimidated or weirded out by the thought. In year 1, I was gymming alot. Firstly cos I got fat in JC, where i put on 8kg in 2 years. HAHAHA. (Actually it wasn’t funny) Secondly, Jared’s comms ball was coming up, and I didn’t want to look like a Joce + 8kg. (Btw my nose distorts when i put on weight, so i was a Joce +8kg + fat nose. Not a pretty sight.) So anyway, I was gymming alot then attempting to look less like a blue whale. At that time Jo and Ze gymmed quite a bit too cos they were training for their Inter Varsity games for long and triple jumps. Since I had no proper training program, I would just join them and do whatever they did. In the end I figured that since I did the same stuff they did and I didn’t have a proper CCA yet, I’d just join.

THEN I LOVED IT. hehe. I really do love track now. It’s funny cos I was so hesitant and felt lame calling myself a tracker after being a gymnast for practically all my life. It started off as a fitness attempt, but gradually I started looking forward to competitions and liked challenging myself physically. Now training’s have become my break time, and its more of hanging out with friends while exercising more than “training”. We push ourselves, but we have alot of fun doing it.

That’s why the exco thought that we’d try this out. Have a fitness program first to get non trackers to give track and field a taste. Not for competition sake, but for fun. The program will be centered around getting people back to health and fitness. It will include jogs, games, gymming, possible diet programs… and coached by our very own Fir! Super student coach of all things fun. I can almost guarantee results cos I personally benefited fitness wise. I feel less like a slug/blue whale now! I can run! Hahaha.

Just thought I’d pose the question to get you all thinking about it first. We’re still very much in the planning stages, but we’d love to see new people join us. We realized the biggest inertia is the perception that track is “exclusive” and “tough”. It’s really not! We will all love you!!!

K, so think about that for now :) Will keep you all updated on our planning progress.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for Sal Happy’s reopening:D I hope you guys have been missing the salads whilst preparing for post break mid terms (if you have any). All the best for upcoming assignments and tests! See you all around in school tomorrow, will be there all day in 3 meetings :(


Joce the Salad Tosser


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