Christmas is coming!!!

Yesterday i intentionally took the long route home and drove through town. The lights are so pretty. Ion has a very big tree too. And mariah carey’s All i want for Christmas is being overplayed again. Ah, christmas:)

But anyway, back to reality, we are all in the seminar room, cold and shivering. Fighting the cold to stay in here and study. The library is too crowded for us to stay there.

The room is in quite an interesting state.

Ze’s notes are sprawled all over the tables cos she spilled water over them. Eugene has his name tent up, i dont know why. Joce is online shopping blogging and studying simultaneously (girls can multitask), Kiat and Jo are discussing tax very loudly and ash is outside cos the room is -20 degrees.

Oh, ash is back. He looks slightly warmer now.

Okay, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh study. back to work.

bye bye!

Our room


Shivering joce

PS: It’s jo’s birthday today! :) Happy birthday again jo :D Picture from our seminar room celebration.

PPS: Happy yesterday birthday jieying! Picture from our surprise picnic :)


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