1 more day to the end of Week 11

Half an hour ago I was freaking out that I was still at newton having supper while I have an incomplete assignment due tomorrow. Now that I’m home, Im blogging. I think that in 10 minutes I will realize that I should not be here and re-freak out again. Hahaha but for now, a quick update!

Just finished a run with yims and the long d-ers around the botanics. A few others joined us for supper at newton where we discussed our halloween plans :D

2 oh-shit moments happened in the course of 2 days.


My dad called me while I was at supper and asked me to buy back dessert. I only remembered that I hadn’t bought it when I reached my front gate. My reaction…


Translated to “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit.”

So, in my stressed out state that it was 1130 and I had an assignment waiting for me, I drove back to newton.

Initially I told my dad that I forgot and he looked so sad:( I offered to make him a drink, but he said no and looked sad. Then i offered him ice cream, but he said no and looked sad. Then i gave him a hug and said sorry, and he didnt acknowledge it!! What is a daughter to do!?

That sad face was very guilt inducing. I drove back to newton and got him his dessert. Hahahah at least his happy face after was worth it.


Firstly, I have been very bad in judging the quantity of groceries to buy for this week. I have gone supermarketing on monday, tuesday AND wednesday i.e. yesterday.

Yesterday, I got home and wanted to rush to get groceries. But there were no cars at home! I got a little frantic cos the supermarket was closing in half an hour. So when my dad finally came home, I swapped places with him and drove off.

Drove up the carpark, reversed, parked.

Turned off the engine.

Looked for the key.

No key!!??!?!!?!?!!?

Yup. No key. I drove off with the key in my dads pocket. Sigh. Stupid keyless system. Its a card that sends a signal to the car and allows you to start the engine. Without the card, you can continue driving, but once you turn off the engine you cant turn it back on. Neither can you lock the stupid car!!!

So with half an hour to closing time, an car that wouldnt lock, and no one picking up their phones at home (!!!) I just left the car and crossed my fingers no one would realize it wasnt locked!

In the end my brother was very nice and took a cab down to pass me the keys. Sigh, it’s tough being a Joce. I dont udnerstand why I keep doing these things to myself!!!

Oh no, okay anyway, my 10 minutes are up. I shall stop here. I predict a long night tonight. As of now, I have 5 and a half hours of sleep credit. Sleep now and get 5 and a half. I think…. I can hope for 3 tonight :(

Sleepy :(

Okay, back to work!!! See you all tomorrow if i doooo


Joce the Salad Tosser


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