Test Day 2

Hello new people to the blog :)

I hope you liked your salads today!!! Thank you for all your nice feedback and encouragement. It’s really appreciated.

Anyway, the changes I made from test day one was that I changed the brown rice to red rice. Red rice is equal in nutritional value, just that it looks and tastes nicer! According to the testers at least :) I personally prefer it too. For some reason the brown rice turns white when it’s cooked and ends up tasting like Californian rice. Hmm. I also added basil to the egg mayo + beans. Del, ze, being double tasters, what do you think?

I also wanted to take pictures again but every time I want to I need to borrow my mom’s camera which makes things inconvenient.. My dad has decided that I’m not getting a new camera because I spoil/lose mine too easily. Which is true, I admit. Got to get one of those camera case things.

Alrighty, I will get proper pictures up soon promise! I’ll be looking into getting the stuff properly photographed so that you all know what you are ordering in the future. This online F&B concept is kind of unexplored… so I’m really thankful for all of you who are believing in me and supporting this. THANKS so much. Love to you all!

Okay, off to go to KTV(!!!) for the first time and attempt to read chinese subtitles. Hope it’s fun and I don’t embarrass myself too much.

Will keep you all posted on the actual launch date.


Sal Happy + Joce


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