Photos from this morning. Finally, photos of the food!

I dropped my dad’s flash from about a metre high when I turned the camera to the side to take a portrait shot :| I’m quite a noob with all these camera things so I just slipped on the attached flash. I didn’t know you were supposed to turn some knob to secure it! But anyway, PHEW for me cos the flash is fine.

Here’s the non filled salad containers :)Photobucket

And here’s my stack of wholegrain mustard honey lemon Sal Happy house sauce!Photobucket

And they slowly get filled….PhotobucketPhotobucket

That was the first dish to go in. The egg mayo with baby spinach lining the bottom of the salad.

The greens that line the bottom of each salad :)Photobucket

This is the brown rice. When I was buying yesterday I was happy to see so many “healthier choice” triangles on my purchases :D This was one of them.Photobucket

The shredded chicken PhotobucketPhotobucket

The roasted vegetables (Pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato) and the random/awkward baby spinach’s for color hahahaPhotobucket

Putting it all together :)PhotobucketPhotobucket

The popular set: Chicken, egg mayo and brown rice.Photobucket

This one was my favourite order. Jieying’s “No veggie” policy. Salad with no greens?Photobucket

After all that was packaged in and sorted, into the fridge it went :)


Only managed to chill it for an hour and a half before my dad rushed me out of the house. Got to school and met del the sweetie who came down early just to help me out :) It was a really fun day!!! An easy way for me to meet all my friends and catch up quickly. I ended up sitting outside Pick n Bite with del, george and sheryl and left for class after that. I hope the aunties in Pick n Bite don’t start complaining about me. I shall buy lotsa coffee from them to keep them happy haha.

Kay, I have 45 minutes to do my readings before I talk to Jared at 6 and its off to training at 730! Busy busy. 1 quiz and 2 assignments due next monday, wish me luck!!

More Sal Happy salads coming your way tomorrow :)
Joce the Salad Tosser


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