Packaging Woes

Hello all,

To make things less messy, I’ve shifted the menu and directions to the right side of this page! see ——–> :)

I thought since this is a blog i might as well blog normally. I havent been blogging alot lately and ive been meaning to get back to it anyway. i just hope i dont get too carried away and excited when i start talking about food.

Cedele came to school for sports fiesta just now. During class break i saw it and my eyes went O.O and my mouth went :))))) and my heart went <333!!! In 15 minutes i managed to gobble down a chocolate brownie muffin, a full cedele sandwich, and a takeaway helping of their carrot cake. sigh, seriously, healthy living joce. marketing 101!!! i need to endorse my healthy salads!!

I’m eating jubes now. Seen these before?


I realized nata de coco has a strangely consistent flavor. i just transfered my lychee flavored natas into my packet of strawberry juice and it didnt taste like a lychee nata at all! it tasted like a true strawberry nata! was quite pleased with myself cos i like the strawberry one more.

Check out their cute website Here. It’s really quite cute their flash intro managed to keep me watching.

Haha okay. Anyway, I was contemplating making meal sets with the salads in the future, when things have taken off properly and I’ve gotten a hang of things. For desserts, would you guys like a nata de coco based dessert? I was thinking of that with fruits as a base. Gotta trial and error to come up with something very yummy first though.

The jubes packet reads: “Nata de coco: is a high-fibre, low calorie and cholestoral-free dessert. Spend hours of fun munching these chewy, juicy cubes… Light and fibrous, it’s especially suitable for the health conscious.”

Ah sound good? :)

Anyhowzzzz. Im in the library GSR at 11.09pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT. Went for sports fiesta after class and got whacked very hard by jo while fighting on the jostling podium. We all went for a ramen dinner and got running jerseys and shorts at 40% off after dinner because we were shopping with our very own new balance models/ambassadors :) also known as ashley liew and eug lim- the crazy triathletes who think 80km of running a week is not alot.

Got this for myself in purple :D


And I think this is the design I got for my dad.


40% made it a super good deal. Thank you lots guys!

Headed to bugis for another dinner with fir, shaun, jp and xiang loong to attempt to pick up those small plastic containers for my salad sauces. but as jo describes it, i had another one of my “oh shit!!!” moments where i conveniently forgot it was 9pm and shops there close at 7.

Thats why im here now. i was supposed to be at home skyping with jared at 830 but at 830 i was at bugis staring at a closed shop and thinking..” oh shit” :(. and as such, i had to resort to skyping in school so as to not make my hawt date wait.

Anyway, update another time. Gotta start packing up before i have another “oh shit!!!” moment and miss my bus. which is leaving in 10 minutes!!! GTG, BYE!

Joce the salad tosser

/edit Michelle Sng is a fellow SMU student (senior actually) and she just set up a blogshop with a few friends. Check out if you shop online :)

Also, we all love Treehouse but i didn’t know they had a blog! It talks about all their yummy food and desserts, which you should definitely try if you’ve yet to. Besides, the owners are super sweet girls so thats an extra reason to support them. Type this in: :)

The links are below the instructions and feedback boxes.

K, 6 minutes to pack up and run down!!!!


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