Tomorrow, I will be giving out free samples to a few of my favourites in school :)

But first, special thanks to Ze, the one who I do practically everything in school with, and also the one that tops the list of genuine (albeit BLUR) friends I’d meet in a lifetime. Ze was the one who bought me lunch one day at a salad bar after our internships and made me fall in love with what they had to offer. From there, it got me thinking.. if they can do it, I can too? And… if i can come up with something that let’s me eat this stuff everyday, I’d be a happier student freed from the clutches of Koufu.

So yup, that’s the summary of this startup in my life. For all of the above and more, THANKS ZE. Love you! Free salads forever!

Anyway, if any of you come across this blog and would like to try a Sal Happy salad that will hopefully make you feel SAL HAPPY eating it (HAHA sorry), leave a comment and I’d be thrilled to bring you one:) Limited to the first 10 orders. Please leave a comment in the following format: 

1. Your name
2. Your SMU email address
3. Your order

The next free salad day is on Friday, 28th August 2009. 10 free salads are yours if you say so!

Now for the menu:

For this week, we’re starting off small, so we’re letting you choose any 3, out of the 4 choices. We’ll expand the menu when the demand gets more steady.

1. Shredded chicken with sweetened black bean sauce
2. Eggs tossed in light mayo with diced french beans
3. Tofu with sauteed mushrooms in mushroom sauce
4. Brown rice with whole grain mustard and a hint of honey

All Sal Happy salads will come with the special Sal Happy house sauce :)

Here’s to yummy lunches!


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