Hi Ho, Let’s Go!

Hi friends,

Welcome to Joce’s salad bar for the hungry!

May you find a menu that pleases you and food that makes you… Sal-happy :) Sal Happy salads are catered especially to the students in SMU. So if you are an SMU student/exchange student, you may make your order by leaving your name, preferences, and SMU email address. This option will be open in a few weeks! To make sure we bring you only the best, Sal Happy is going through a test run for it’s first few weeks. We’ll be giving out free live sized tasters twice this week just to check whether we fill you up enough, or if we satisfy your expectations :) Ingredients really weren’t cheap though.. it’s only when you’re the one buying the stuff that you actually chew your mushrooms instead of gulp them down. cant believe i paid that much for fungus.

Anyway, since it’s only test week, I just printed out the test logo and stuck it onto the containers with double sided tape :) if the response is good, we’ll see how to take it from there. This is me with the tester logo and packaging. A clearer picture of the logo is on the top right corner of this blog.


K then, tomorrow morning is tossing time for me. (Don’t worry, tossing will be coupled with gloves and high sanitation levels haha) Wish me luck please I’m pretty excited!!!

Lotsa Love,

Joce the Salad Tosser


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