Here Comes the Tofu

Hello all, I printed all my stickers this morning and I’d thought show you guys.

But first… I wanna show you the paper cut outs that I used for the test day salads last Monday and Friday. Cut them out and stuck them on with double sided tape! Printing at home = smudging though :\


These ones were meant for the sauce holders, but I didn’t end up using them cos I ended up passing on the sauce containers for the test days. Actually, it was a good thing I didn’t get sauce containers. Because the sauce had no place to go, I experimented around with the choices and ended up going well with brown rice! Learnt a new recipe. But anyway, some really liked it while others thought it was a bit funny to mix the tastes, so I just decided I’d keep the sauce in separate containers. That way you guys can choose if you want it in or out!

Here’s a picture of the actual printed stickers.


I was pretty absorbed in telling the uncle how exactly I wanted them til I looked at the time and realized it was 1030am. Then I remembered I had a meeting at 1030am!! Jo, another “oh shit” moment for you.Thankfully I was pretty close to school so I managed to rush down in 13 minutes!! Got to level 5 of the library by 1043:) Super speed. Haha, anyhow, for those who ordered this week, you’d get to see the stickers on your packaging soon!

PhotobucketLike them? :)

K, very excited about tomorrow. I know i’ve said this a gazillion times over already, BUT THANKS GUYS :) Here’s to happy, yummy lunches!

Lotsa love,
Joce the Salad Tosser!


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